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Krista Ward


Bio: Krista has been a colourist in the industry for almost ten years now. She got her start at a studio called Heroic Age in 1997 and then ventured out on her own in late 2003. She became the separator for the Marvel Comic series, Thanos in 2003 and continued until the title ended.

Krista has also worked on such various titles as, Hawkman, JLA, JL Adventures, Robin, Titans, The Infinity Abyss, The End, The Nail, Batman: Dark Victory and The Long Halloween, and a Transformers preview for the 2005 BotCon.

Recently, she worked for fellow Prism creator/writer, Ivan Velez. Ivan asked her to color three short horror stories in a eight story graphic novel, that he created, called Dead High Yearbook. This book is being published by the Penguin Group in Spring 2007.

Last month, Krista had the good fortune to sign on with Capstone Press to color their educational science books that star Max Axiom, Super Scientist.

If you would like to contact her about colouring your project, please feel free to email her at the above address!


[Color Commentary, Posted 6/7/07]
Dead High Yearbook is an anthology of horror stories intended, I suspect, for a teenage audience. Covering 80 hardbound, yearbook-sized pages, the collection includes eight stories, one of which is mostly the glue story tying all the others together for their inclusion in this “yearbook”. The other seven tales concern typical teenagers thrown into not so typical situations, all with very dire consequences. Amongst the horrors faced are zombies, vampires, homicidal killers, and…

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