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Brian Douglas Ahern


Bio: I started professional work in 1991 with my full-page cartoon feature "The Adventures of Bumpkin Buzz" in the Comics Buyer's Guide.

By 1996, I was also working with Wizard Entertainment on their superhero calendar poster series and have since worked with Wizard on a number of humor pieces, scavenger hunt puzzles, and contributed to their other publications, including Inquest Gamer, Toyfare, Sci Fi Invasion and a variety of special editions.

I am currently fortunate enough to be working with Randall Kirby, a brilliantly talented and hilariously funny writer/cartoonist from Oregon, on his four-issue Adventure-Humor creation Disco Ninja. More fun cannot be had.

My greatest love is superhero comics, and I must admit I'm growing a bit weary of the revolving door editorial staffing at the Big Two and am becoming winded trying to keep up with which trends are in vogue so my latest pitches can appeal to whomever's in charge at the moment.

Thus, I've decided to chuck all that bowing and scraping for the nonce and invest my efforts into bringing my own creations to life (or rather, to print). Some, like my patriotic superhero Chicky (seen previously in select issues of CBG), have been projects I've loved and nurtured since 1979 when I was just a tot.

My more recent creations, such as Icarus and Reign Beaus, feature gay heroes and make no apologies for their orientation. Rather, the stories show the characters to be just as bold, courageous, self-sacrificing, caring and—oh yes—flawed as anyone else.

Not all my characters are gay, naturally. But I wonder what it would have been like for me, and how positive an influence it might have been, if at least one of the comic book heroes of my childhood had been. If I keep working on my projects in earnest, young readers of today may not have to ponder that question for themselves.

It's back to the desk now to keep pluggin' away and strive to uphold the three messages I try to instill in all my work: those of Hope, Humor, and Heroism.

All good wishes,

Update, April 2009

I now have my own YouTube channel, the link to which can be found here on my Prism profile. I post short videos on that channel unveiling illustrations I've done of friends and people whom I admire--along with some other stuff. Go watch.

My online buddy Paul, known to video buffs as the Gay Comic Geek, often finds his way into my cartoons, as in the gay porn sci-fi themed "Tentacle Rape" scene toon I've added to my portfolio gallery here. Trust me, it's not what you think. But it is funny.

Oh, and look for my occasional comic book reviews here on Prism as well. Ta.

News Update, November 2008.

I was privileged to be invited to contribute original artwork for this year's Wonder Woman Day fundraiser, with proceeds goign to women's shelters. A scan of the piece can be found here on my profile.

In addtion, the latest book by the brilliant Brian McNaught is now in print. As mentioned above, I designed the book's cover for the vivid and detailed volume, Are You Guys Brothers?, which recalls his relationship with his life-partner Ray Struble.

NEWS UPDATE Early 2008

Gads! So much to share. Abridged version-

More artwork for my coffee table book Prayers Of An Artist reaches completion, and plans for other projects (to be named soon) are already in the works.

I have the privilege of designing the cover for the upcoming book Are You Guys Brothers? by celebrated author, speaker, and gay diversity trainer Brian McNaught. I'll also be handling the interior design work. Quite an honor!

And...oh yeah. I finally got a boyfriend!!! And he's as big a comic book geek as I am. Look for all kinds of nifty artistic things real soon that my lad has helped inspire and motivate me to bring to fruition.

I'll keep uploading fun images onto my page here, so pop in from time to time to have a look-see.

May your day be filled with sunshine.


Jeepers! Where to start? I'll try to hit the highlights as a lot has happened since I last updated my bio here on

Among my fun projects is a work-in-progress with fellow Prism creator Randall Kirby, in a gay-friendly humor/adventure/romance comic called Hayseed, a promo illo for which you can see here in my gallery.

I've become the official cartoonist contributor to a museum in France dedicated to the history and preservation of rubber boots. (I swear to God I am not making this up.) One of the illos for that can be found here as well. Look for the two lads in purple and pink boots seated back to back. That image alone is copyright by the A.M.B.C., or Amis de Maison les Bottes Caoutchouc. I have a membership card for the museum, too. It's laminated and everything.

Two of my illos here have been purchased by the new hip gay magazine 'Qr' for young gays in the know. As I write this the first issue is still in production.

And perhaps niftiest of all, I created the cover for the novel Sex Camp, a story of a diversity and sexual education retreat penned by a man I am blessed to call my friend, Brian McNaught. Author, speaker, and radio host, Mr. McNaught was dubbed by the New York Times as "the godfather of gay diversity training". And it's a darn good book, too. Go buy a copy and enjoy. Then give one to a friend.

Oh, yeah. And I brought my long-absent satirical series "Bumpkin Buzz" back to the monthy pages of The Comics Buyer's Guide, too.

And that's about all I can think of for now! I promise to do better in keeping you posted as new and thrilling things develop.

Be well. Be yourself. Ta.


Are You Guys Brothers?
Pigboys 2: Hog Heaven
Sex Camp


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