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Christopher Taylor


Bio: I’m a Philadelphia based artist who has pursued a freelance illustration career for over fifteen years, drawing comic books, illustrating book covers, designing for apparel, and developing animation treatments. My mission statement is to infuse a progressive Anime/Urban illustrative style for my clients, whether it’s the field of comics, print illustration, or fashion. Areas of expertise: pen and ink, watercolor, marker comps, digital inks, Photoshop, Illustrator. Past credits include the self published one shot NEO, Shuriken for Malibu, Alien3 movie adaptation, Showcase93, Legion of Super-Heroes, Bloodpack for DC, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for Marvel. Charter member of Philadelphia based comics studio Maximum Overtime.

Okay, okay...that did sound a little dry. I'm figuring the "viewers at home" might want to know just a tad more. Cools, I'm down with that. I love baggy jeans, hoodies and slip on Vans. I love hip hop and house music. Hamburgers, fried chicken and Pepsi are staples in my overweight diet menu. I love Bears in general and partner Sebastian in specific. The Matrix is my favorite sci-fi/adventure movie and most important of all... I love comics!

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