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Rick Taylor

Bio: A member of the first class at the Kubert School, Rick Taylor entered the comics industry in the 1980s as production manager and colorist for First Comics, later taking the job as art director and colorist for Comico. There he worked on such books as Jonny Quest, Gumby, and E-Man. He began working for DC in the late 1980s as a production manager and colorist, and later became Director of Graphic Services, uniting him with the characters he loved: Batgirl, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman, among others.

As Senior Editor for Collected Editions, Rick was responsible for much of the work on DC's great Archives series as well as many other trade paperbacks and hardcovers, like Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman In The Sixties. He lives in Philadelphia with his lover of fifteen years, Bill and their dog, Dolly. He is often seen on eBay with cool collectibles under the name "dianaprinceww."

Rick is no longer in the comics biz.


Batman In The Sixties
Batman: The Long Halloween


[Spectrum, Posted 1/12/09]
Prism Comics Creators get Scholarly on Wonder Woman's Queer Appeal!

Noted comic book creator, writer and historian, Trina Robbins, explores why gay men love them some Wonder Woman's in this paper reprinted from the International Journal of Comic Art. Robbins interviews Prism Comics' very own Andy Mangels, Mark Padilla and Brian Andersen on their thoughts and feelings on why we gays look up too, treasure, and celebrate the first lady of comics, Wonder Woman!

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