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Prism Comics logoWednesday, October 7th, 2015.
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Erin Lindsey

Website: Venus Envy

Bio: Erin Lindsey is a creative and often excitable artist and writer making her home in the Seattle area. Having a lifetime interest in storytelling in general and illustrated mediums in particular, Erin has been a published cartoonist since her days in middle school, as well as having written articles for a handful of small journals and gaming magazines.

Her current claim to fame is the online comic and independent comic book Venus Envy, the story of a neurotic young woman trying her best to survive despite a few amusingly cruel mistakes of nature. Venus Envy has been running continuously for over two years and continues to draw an excess of 150,000 visitors per day.

Erin is a self-proclaimed sporty geek, enjoying comic books, anime, roleplaying games, baking, rollerblading, rock climbing, and keeping a tight leash on her evil mutant spider clone, Erin 2.0.


[Color Commentary, Posted 9/16/10]
Venus Envy is about young Zoe Carter, a male to female transsexual living in Salem, Pennsylvania. Told from the point of view of Zoe, this follows your typical tropes such as dating, keeping secrets, making friends, overprotective parents and irritating younger brothers - the normal sort of stuff with the normal high school cliches. What makes it different? Zoe – who is trans and bisexual. At the start of the strips she was only recently starting to transition, and as a result of other…


[Source:, Added: 6/28/06]
Imagine opening your Sunday paper and flipping past stories on the legalization of gay marriage to find a comics page where stories of transgender teens and lusty lesbian pirates share the page with...

[Source: Venus Envy, Added: 8/14/03]
Erin Lindsey says her webcomic Venus Envy is basically her way of: A) Filling a major gap in the online comic community (I mean, let's face it, you've got three dozen comics about lesbians,...

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