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Prism Comics logoFriday, September 4th, 2015.
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Richard A. Scott

Website: Personal web page

Bio: Richard's previous work includes being a staff artist for Science Fiction Review, a non-credited inking assist on the DC Comics/TSR book Avatar #1, and the Committed Comics Convention Special.

Other credits include: Zein: the Last Pharaoh from AK comics; Back Issue, The Jack Kirby Collector, and Draw magazines by Twomorrows publications; and an interview with Megan Rose Gedris (Yu+Me) for the September 2008 issue of Curvemagazine.

He's worked on several research projects with Andy Mangels, such as Animation on DVD, From Scream to Dawson's Creek: An Unauthorized Take on the Phenomenal Career of Kevin Williamson, the Comics Buyers Guide #1441 DVD cover story.

The George Peréz Archives for the CBLDF

Richard was involved with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Season one Vol 1 and 2, as a production assistant and was interviewed for the "special features" for Vol 2. He also worked on Robert James Parish's Gus Van Sant: An Unauthorized Biography.

Recently he did work for AK Comics and currently is on board with BackIssue magazine from TwoMorrows publications. I am also awaiting my article in the Jack Kirby Collector #53 about the Lost Fantastic Four Adventure. Trying to get an article done for Draw Mag as well about Jan Elliot's Stone Soup strip. Currently inking for AC Comics FemForce comic.

Richard is currently seeking paying gigs (Writer or Inker or Illustration and voice work), and invites you to e-mail him for more info.


Animation on DVD
From Scream to Dawson's Creek: An Unauthorized Take on the Phenomenal Career of Kevin Williamson
Gus Van Sant: An Unauthorized Biography

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