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Mike Buzzelli

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Bio: Mike Buzzelli is a screenwriter, story editor and stand up comedian. He has optioned two feature screenplays—both comedies—to independent production companies.

Mike has been honored with awards from the Venice Arts Screenwriting Competition, America’s Best Screenplay Competition, Writer’s Digest Competition and the One in Ten Screenplay Competition. He has received other national merits and awards.

Mike’s comic book Normal will be published by Warpton Comics in the United Kingdom later this year. The four issue miniseries features teens who overcome adversity with the help of their unique gifts. In addition, he is a contributing writer for Prism Comics, and a film and theatre critic for Campus Circle. His two reader’s theater plays for children have been performed in Norfolk, Virginia.

As a stand up comedian, he has performed at The Comedy Store, The Ice House, Masquer’s Cabaret and coffee houses throughout Southern California.

As an actor, Mike performed in The Big Show at the PanAndreas Theatre in Los Angeles, and can be seen in television episodes of Girls Behaving Badly ,LA Forensics, and in David Quantic's gay and lesbian short film King County.

He writes a weekly humor column for the Washington Observer-Reporter,, and is a contributor to

Buzzelli's book "Below Average Genius," a compilation of humor columns from the Observer-Reporter is available now at



[Color Commentary, Posted 3/9/12]
For a brief and shining moment, Phyla Vell, daughter of Captain Marvel, donned the Quantum Bands and took on the mantle of Quasar. It was a tumultuous time in the Marvel cosmos. The Annihilation War had ended, and Wendell Vaughn, the sort-of-but-not-quite-original-Quasar was killed in a raid against Annihilus, the big bad bug responsible for the war. Phyla managed to wrest the bands from the bug, wrap them around her wrists, and wield their vast cosmic powers. She even carried a bad-ass sword…

[Color Commentary, Posted 10/3/11]
Here’s a story, that’s sad to tell, about a magical witch ne’er do well. The most mixed up lipstick lesbian on the block. Her future is unclear now. What’s a perplexed witch to do now? Buy the trade and see her smile (and do little else). La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. Elizabeth Watasin’s “Charm School, Book One: Magical Witch Girl Bunny” is a lesbian love triangle between a witch, a vampire and a Faerie. The beautiful witch, Bunny, a blonde bombshell, can’t chose…

[Color Commentary, Posted 8/25/11]
Reviews in Rewind: Looking back at the five-issue miniseries, “Madrox: Mulitple Choice,” a excellent precursor to the re-launch of X-Factor. Back in 2004, Marvel launched a miniseries starring a minor mutant named Madrox the Multiple Man in “Madrox: Multiple Choice.” Scribe Peter David took a noir approach to the series, having the series star, Jamie Madrox, open a detective agency. In the first issue, Madrox is aided by his friends Guido Carosella (AKA Strong Guy) and Rahne Sinclair…

[Color Commentary, Posted 6/9/11]
Jeremy Owen’s “Burly – Beefy Pinups with a Geeky Twist” is a soft-core pinup gallery of large hairy men in Betty Page poses. Imagine cheesecake after the models have eaten all of the cheesecake! Owen, by his own admission, avoids the stereotypical pictures of bearish men, the policeman, the firefighter, and other manly tropes in favor of more whimsical sci-fi fantasy iconography. For instance, picture a goateed blonde man with a Captain Kirk shirt on giving the Vulcan “Live Long and…

[Color Commentary, Posted 5/6/11]
Last year at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Marvel announced that it would re-team writer Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung to finally tell the tale of the missing mutant, Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. The former Avenger caused pandemonium with her Chaos Magic when she issued the proclamation “No more mutants!” This reality altering spell forever changed the landscape for the X-Men, The Avengers, and the entire Marvel Universe. Now, a year since the miniseries was…

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