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C. Edwards

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Websites: Abel Boddy, Meatcute, portfolio

Bio: C.Edwards is a New York based cartoonist, writer and creator of the comic features, Abel Boddy, 12” Roommate and Hard Corps Action Force.

Abel Boddy, now in its eighth year follows the everyday adventures of a hedonistic guardian angel and his perpetually frustrated ward. The comic has been featured on, and syndicated in Ion Arizona magazine. It's first two collected volumes Longtime Companion and Low Hanging Fruit were released in book form in January 2013.

12” Roommate is an NSFW mini-webcomic that was featured on his sketchblog Meatcute from 2009-2014. Chronicling the rocky co-existence of 3 roommates living with a secret, it was named one of the Top 7 Toon Pornos Every Nerd Should Know on in 2013. Attack of the 12-Inch Roommate, a collected works is due out in Spring of 2014.

C.Edwards is currently working on Hard Corps Action Force, a comic book epic that will debut in the Fall of 2014.

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