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Timothy Markin


Bio: Creator of Breakneck Blvd, artist/writer Timothy Markin was born in 1968 and raised in a suburb of Toledo, Ohio. Interested in comics of all types at an early age, he began pursuing a career in cartooning in his teens.

Before moving to Kansas City, Markin had a stint in the USMC stationed near Washington DC, where the ideas for Breakneck Blvd first started to germinate. The book told the story of everyman Urban Angst, his exotic dancer friend Scarlett Dee, and openly gay writer Pall Blighter. Local publisher MotioN Comics put Breakneck Blvd in print where it was then noticed by San Jose alternative publisher Slave Labor Graphics. Six issues of the book were published by SLG over 1995 and 1996.

Markin also did two stories for SLG's adaptation of John Marr's Murder Can be Fun zine, one of which was a retelling of the true-life incident that inspired the film Dog Day Afternoon: a bank robbery fueled by the need for cash for a sex change operation for the robber's gay lover.

Currently, Markin is working on a new series, looking for a new publisher and living with his wife, two dogs and four cats in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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