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Rich Thigpen

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Bio: A long-time comics fan with extensive nonprofit experience, Rich Thigpen was approached by the organizers of Prism Comics in March 2003 to help the fledgling organization obtain its nonprofit status. Securing the 501(c) 3 determination letter a scant four months later, Rich decided to continue working with Prism to develop its organizational structure. He drafted Prism’s bylaws and the accompanying governing arrangement of a voting board and non-voting advisory board (of which he himself served one term on each).

Accomplishments during his time on the two Prism boards include the creation of the Queer Eye on Comics weekly review series (to which he was a contributing writer for two years), the establishment of the annual Queer Press Grant, the initiation of the Top Ten Recommended Comics for LGBT Readers feature, Prism’s sponsorship of the 2006 Gay Games, and the production and placement of public service announcement ads featuring creators like Clive Barker, Paige Braddock and Patrick Fillion (which can be viewed on Prism’s MySpace page).

Rich edited Prism's "The Gay Agenda" for Comic-Con International from 2005 to 2007, wrote and proofread articles for the annual Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics, and also helped manage Prism’s MySpace page until 2007, after which he left to focus on other interests.

In his professional life, he is the Computer Support Services Manager for UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, which allows him to neatly combine his interests in the medical field, information technology, and nonprofit work. He is also the faculty/staff advisor to the UCLA chapter of Circle K International, the world’s largest collegiate service organization, and a wish granter for Starlight Children’s Foundation, helping seriously ill children meet their favorite celebrities.


[Spectrum, Posted 3/16/10]
(This is a most-excellent interview of Sean McGrath by Joe Palmer of the Gay League, a most-excellent website and blog. Both Joe and Sean are longtime valued friends and associates of Prism so we were thrilled to be able to reprint this interview, courtesy of Joe. Access the original article from the Gay League website here!) Recently I had the pleasure to read Frater Mine, an indy series written by Sean McGrath. McGrath’s writing and characters intrigued me, and while I knew…

[Color Commentary, Posted 12/21/08]
Whatever holiday you celebrate (and even if you don't), some of the Prism folk would like to extend their warmest wishes to you, our loyal readers.

[Color Commentary, Posted 9/6/07]
A friend of mine recommended Stuck Rubber Baby to me well over a year ago, and although I bought it soon afterward, it languished on my bookshelf unread until just recently when I had some free time to devote to it. My dad had passed away after an extended illness and I had an 8-hour trip from Los Angeles to Alabama via Washington, D.C. (don’t ask), so I thought this was an appropriate time. Little did I know how much the subject matter—about a young white man coming to terms with his…

[News, Posted 8/21/06]
The third HARD HEROES PARTY in Los Angeles was a big success. The evening was sponsored in part by Prism, and everyone who attended was a hero - raising $2,600 for BEING ALIVE, a grassroots Southern California HIV/AIDS charity. The crowd reached capacity during the evening at MJ'S BAR with dozens of guys and a few gals in super hero and villain costumes. Seen during evening were multiple Supermen, an older Superboy, a couple of Flashes, a couple of Robins and Batmen, Green Lantern, Capt.…

[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 8/6/06]
Ladies and gentlemen (and ladies who are gentlemen, and gentlemen who…well, you get the idea…), it is my distinct honor and privilege to present an interview with a being who, without doubt, possesses a knowledge of comics lore unmatched by any other. I am referring, of course, to Uatu, The Watcher! Queer Eye Ed: Welcome, Watcher! Watcher: Greetings to you, oh transient, pitiable mortal. QEE: First, let me thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share a bit of your vast…

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