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Edward Beekman-Myers

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Bio: I've just self-published my very first novel, The Totally Gnarly Adventures of the Galactically Bitchin' Comet Sweat!. It's the first in a series of wild and wacky sci-fi adventures about a futuristic new-wave band that tours the galaxy and finds itself stumbling into all sorts of crazy misadventures! The book is now available through Amazon--buy your copy today! (Please?)

I'm a writer who's been plying the trade in some form or another ever since winning a Young Author's contest in second grade. It only took me 25 years to finally start getting serious about it and try to actually do something with it!

My literary repertoire consists of several short stories (a few of which have been published and a couple of which have won awards), some stage plays (a couple of which have been locally produced), and a semi-autobiographical novel that explores a gay square peg trying to find love and acceptance in a same-sex world that always manages to kick him in the @$$. Beyond that, I'm always writing in some form or another, whether it's essays or reviews or just random ramblings.

I do have a few comic book scripts under my belt, and I have a plethora of ideas for many more, but like most newbies, I'm finding it difficult to "break into the biz"—especially since I can't draw or paint worth squat. I'm constantly seeking an artist to team up with to help me bring my visions to life, so if anyone is looking for a partner in four-color crime, give me a holler!

In my civilian identity, I work as a college English professor.


The Totally Gnarly Adventures of the Galactically Bitchin' Comet Sweat!


[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 1/27/13]
It’s so awesome living in an era where technology grows and changes by the nanosecond. Everything from cellphones to televisions to high-end toilets fills me with so much fascination with the way technology has made life so much easier. I remember clearly the very first portable phone I ever owned. I bought it in 2001, right after my big California vacation, a fulfillment of a lifelong dream to visit Hollywood and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. In fact, I have one of those rich and…

[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 9/2/12]
We’re now a full year into DC Comics’ “New 52” relaunch, and many fans are divided over whether or not it was a good idea. Some feel it disrespects the lengthy, rich history of the DC Universe by throwing out everything that came before and starting over virtually from scratch. Yet none of us can deny that sales of the New 52 titles were (at least initially) strong enough to give the entire comics industry a much-needed shot in the arm. Love it or hate it, this risky endeavor on DC’s…

[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 6/3/12]
Editor's note: This article was written before DC's announcement regarding Alan Scott. Thx. Superman is gay. All right, all right, don’t get your red knickers in a twist. Superman is NOT gay. And he probably won’t be for the foreseeable future. But let’s imagine for a bit that the biggest, most iconic comic book hero ever was in fact a card-carrying member of the Friends of Dorothy. How in the name of Rao would the real world take it? Not very well, given recent reactions…

[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 4/1/12]
A Parody of Madonna’s "Vogue" Look around, everywhere you turn there’s mutantsThey’re everywhere that you goYou try everything you can to escapeThe way of life that you know When all else fails and you long to beSomeone different than you are todayI know a place where you can get awayIt's called Xavier’s, and here's what it's for, so Come on, RogueGet your body out to the east coast, hey, hey, heyCome on, RogueLet your powers go with the flow, you know you can do it All you need is…

[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 1/22/12]
Perfection doesn’t come around often in comics. Ever since the medium started to be taken seriously over two decades ago, there have been only a handful of works that can be seen as truly perfect. Most of them are pretty obvious and very popular, but others are not-as-well-known, tucked away in the corners of comic book-dom. One of these underrated corner dwellers is Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer. Granted, it probably isn’t as overlooked as some, yet it’s not one that immediately…

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