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Bio: Carlo loved to put lines together as a kid. He discovered that this was called "drawing." He drew and drew and drew, making comics in old notebooks.

He later realized that he had some writing skill as well, which he put to good use by penning high school book reports of novels that don't exist. His only claim to serious writing fame was winning a university literary award for poetry.

After an attempt to create a comics series after college, he took to the corporate world doing public relations work, and at the same time tried his hand in theater acting. But he wanted to make comics so much. So in 2001, he self-published One Night In Purgatory, a short, slightly melodramatic tale about… well… two guys in love.

The following year, he turned to superhero comedy with The Spectacular Adventures of Zsazsa Zaturnnah, (title translated from Filipino). It's about a gay beautician who becomes a superhero. That graphic novel won a National Book Award from the Manila Critics Circle. In February 2006, Philippine theater company Tanghalang Pilipino developed and staged an original musical based on the graphic novel. People liked the show so much that it was restaged over numerous runs, totaling over 50 performances, with more shows in the works. The feature film adaptation was released on Christmas Day 2006 as part of the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

He has contributed artwork to the anthology series Graphic Classics, published by Eureka Productions-- "The Pit and the Pendulum" (Graphic Classics: Edgar Allan Poe), "The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter" (Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce), "The Mysteries of Udolpho" (Graphic Classics: Gothic Classics), and "Captain Blood" (Graphic Classics: Rafael Sabatini).

A former creative director of the Philippine edition of Good Housekeeping magazine, Carlo released the first of a three-part sequel to the Zaturnnah graphic novel in January 2012. That led to his winning his second Philippine National Book Award. While completing the rest of the sequel, he dabbled in playwriting. His first play, How I Became Leading Lady (title translated from Filipino) was staged in June 2013. He released a comics adaptation of that play in November that year.


Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce (2nd edition)
Graphic Classics: Edgar Allan Poe (4th Edition)
Graphic Classics: Gothic Classics
Graphic Classics: Rafael Sabatini


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