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Javi Cuho

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Bio: Javi Cuho was born on June 2, 1981, in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona (Spain). From a very young age, writing became his passion, and his love for the world of comics led him to create his own. These comics reflected his interest in the human condition, and he soon converted this theme into the cornerstone of all of his creations. In 2005, the comic “Not Expecting U” (No Te Esperaba) debuted, which was soon followed by works such as “Víctor & Álex” and the “Fallen Angels” series.

In 2010, Cuho published the first issue of the “Lost Kingdom” trilogy (winner of the Best Comic Prize at the 2nd annual NarrativaGay Awards) as well as the standalone volume, “Las Horas Perdidas”. Additionally, he has just launched his first webcomic entitled “Woof Woof” (Guau Guau), featuring his two dogs Lucas and Max. His work has been published in Spain, the United States and Italy. The first issue of the series “El Esclavo de la Rosa” published at the beginning of 2011, is his most recent work.

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