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Prism Comics logoWednesday, September 2nd, 2015.
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Peter Di Maso

Websites: PeterWerk, Corridart

Bio: Peter Di Maso was born and raised in Montreal, where he trained in design and art history. After a five-year stint at the National Gallery of Canada in the early 90s, Peter landed in Los Angeles, where he now works as a webmaster for Peter is working on a self-published anthology of so-called "counter-autobiographical" comics called The Elegant Firefighter.


[News, Posted 3/7/09]
In the wake of Brian Andersen’s appearance at WonderCon, his series So Super Duper has landed a great review by Ambush Bug of “Ain’t It Cool News”. Read it here (scroll down to the “Indie Jones” section). “Wowie! I am so surprised by how nice the review is I almost got misty-eyed. Tee hee! I'm such a dork,” says Brian, reacting to the review. The review comes just as Brian debuted Issue #7 of So Super Duper at San Francisco’s WonderCon. The issue, which…

[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 3/5/06]
If the rumors are true, there will soon be a new Batwoman darting through the DC universe. There are a few candidates for this role; Sasha Bordeaux, Bruce Wayne's former bodyguard and brief lover (she's a Checkmate She-borg now), Barbara Gordon (it looks like she'll stick to her role as Oracle and she's otherwise engaged; plus, there'll be apparently no full recovery from her paralysis...yet), Lady Shiva (not likely--read the last issue of Batgirl), Cassandra Cain (also unlikely, since…

[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 2/26/06]
True Disbelievers, this is Part II of our Second Anniversary Celebration of the “Queer Eye on Comics” column. As I detailed last week, there are many reasons why our writers pick the comics they do. Here are more samples from our terrific writers’ work to illustrate my thesis: GAY SUBTEXT I: Sometimes our writers see through their comics with the X-Ray Specs they ordered, as Scott Anderson did in his review of 1963’s Tales to Astonish #44 where he shockingly…

[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 2/19/06]
It’s the Second Anniversary of Queer Eye On Comics! Thank you, thank you. We launched our weekly online column on February 22, 2004 and have not missed a week save one (during the hectic 2004 San Diego Comic-Con). Because of the great dedication and exemplary work being done by our writers, I wanted to celebrate this anniversary by taking a fond look back. Ah, it seemed like just…two years ago that Rich Thigpen asked me to edit the column. Though Prism Comics is dedicated to…

[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 12/25/05]
Christmas Eve in Montreal. I’m sitting in Tim Horton’s sipping the best coffee ever and nibbling on my comfort food of choice – a carrot muffin. In a few hours, a multi-course meal will begin at my parent’s home. There will be shrimp cocktail and orange salad for starters, and perhaps hors d’oeuvres of smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers. But the garlic bread will be consumed first. The family will eventually gather around the table – a large fold-out table set in the family…

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