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Chayne Avery

Website: Boy Meets Hero

Bio: I have lived in New Mexico, the "land of enchantment," my whole life. I grew up in Roswell and no, I've never been abducted by aliens, (that I know of!) I attended college at ENMU Portales and settled in Albuquerque after graduation in 1995 where I currently own a home with my life-partner, Russell.

I was named after the western movie "Shane." My parents decided to change the spelling to have my name start with a "C," though it's still pronounced "Shane."

Growing up, I loved to draw and my interest usually skewed toward drawing people. Science-fiction and comic books quickly became my inspiration. After taking art classes throughout middle-school and high-school, I decided I would make art my career.

I attended ENMU Portales which offered the best art program in the state. It was there that I met Russ thanks to the fact that we shared the same classes and the same enthusiasm for art.

After graduation, Russ and I moved to Albuquerque and started our art careers. I struggled through various agency positions that didn't quite fit me but paid the bills. In 1997 I obtained a position at Qwest Dex designing ads for the yellow pages.

In 2000 Russ and I met Jason and Jona Kottler and created a four-issue comic book mini-series called The Wonderverse. In 2001, the four of us attended the San Diego Comic-Con and our work was well received for being an unknown, independent title.

Working on The Wonderverse was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I've ever been involved with. Russ and I were in charge of all of the art and it was quite a task. I owe the experience I have gained in the comic book field thanks to this project.

In 2001 I was down-sized from Dex, so I decided to work as a freelance artist. Since then I have found that freelancing fits me very well. It does have its own set of challenges, but I do enjoy the freedom it gives me. For one thing, I now have the time to work on Boy Meets Hero!

About Boy Meets Hero:

My inspiration for Boy Meets Hero comes from all the super hero comic book characters who have a separate and secret romance in their normal lives. Spider-Man has Mary Jane, Superman has Lois. Dealing with protecting a secret identity for the sake of a loved one has been a common theme for these characters for years.

One day I wondered, "what if a super hero had a same-sex romance?" That hero would not only have one secret to protect, but also the added pressure of keeping his sexual orientation a secret. I've seen gay characters portrayed in comics before such as Northstar from the pages of X-Men & Alpha Flight. However, I haven't really encountered gay characters that have a close and meaningful relationship along the same lines as what Spider-Man and Superman have with their partners.

So I decided to create the tale of a hero who had these two secrets to protect, and thus, Boy Meets Hero was born!

The world in which these characters exist is based on the light-hearted comic books of my youth. I've always loved the adventurous spirit that comics had in the 80s and 90s and so I felt that I wanted to represent that in my story. I want my characters to be fun and really enjoy the colorful world they live in. I also felt it is important to include sensuality in the character's intimate moments by showing that their love-making is a positive experience, neither explicit nor pornographic.

The basic focus of Boy Meets Hero is the positive relationship that Blue Comet has with his boyfriend, Justin, the people in their lives, and the ups and downs they experience along the way.


[Color Commentary, Posted 1/17/08]
I’ll tell you right off the bat – this was a difficult review to write. As unbiased as I try to be whenever going into a new piece of work (especially one I’m reviewing), I was truly hoping for “Boy Meets Hero” to be great. The most popular webcomics these days cater to an audience that is decidedly non-gay-friendly. Even if the strips and/or authors offer no ill will to the gay community, the “Halo Crowd,” as I’ve come to call them, seem threatened by anything outside their…

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To further help fans at Comic-Con: International plan their days (what--The Gay Agenda isn't enough?), here's the full signing schedule by day and time for the Prism Comics booth (#2148): Thursday3-4 pm Chip Kidd Fridaynoon-1 pm Surge of Power1-2 pm Eric Schlegel2-3 pm Jeff Krell3-4 pm Darren Davis & Terrance Griep4-5 pm Greg Rucka & Jen Van Meter6-7 pm Dave Davenport Saturday11-noon Tim Fishnoon-1 pm Darren Davis & Terrance Griep1-2 pm …

[Spectrum, Posted 5/4/06]
Thanks to our pals at Instinct magazine, this list of Prism creators and their upcoming projects is also being featured concurrently on Instinct's website and is excerpted in their May entertainment issue, now on sale! Marc Andreyko: The writer of DC Comics’ Manhunter, (which features a gay couple as main characters) introduces a villain this summer to appeal to theatre queens everywhere—Sweeney Todd! Chayne Avery: New Mexico-based Avery and collaborator Russell Garcia…


[Source:, Added: 1/7/09]
"There is one place where the number of opportunities for gay themes to be explored in comics and for gay creators has actually grown: the Internet."

[Source:, Added: 6/4/08]
In this installment: Yaoi romance from publisher DramaQueen; Prism Comics' new guide makes it debut; Boy Meets Hero in hardcover

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