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K. Sandra Stanley

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Websites: Other People's Business, Friendly Hostility, 5ideways

Bio: Scientist and fashionista K. Sandra Stanley moonlights as a cartoonist by night. You may know her from Friendly Hostility, a comic about two young men in a relationship and their assorted friends and family, or 5ideways, a rather surreal graphic novel about a world that's gone wrong.

Currently, she's working on Other People's Business, a story set after Friendly Hostility, about a loser alcoholic who stumbles into being a detective.


[Source: Friendly Hostility, Added: 10/20/05]
Friendly Hostility, by K. Sandra Fuhr, is the story of Fox and Collin: best friends, boyfriends, and possible future rulers of Venezuela if Collin gets his way. It is also the story of the...

[Source: Boy Meets Boy, Added: 8/14/03]
“Webcomics offer delicious freedom,” says K. Sandra Fuhr, creator of the online romance comic Boy Meets Boy. "I have no editor telling me what to do or what not to do. No criticisms...

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