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Kasey Loman

Website: Hippie and Bulldyke

Bio: Kasey Linn Loman: doing her part to tear the fabric of decency.

A bio of a Traitor by Bill O’Limbaugh

Kasey Linn Loman embodies the very spirit of the dangerous elements in this country that are trying to rip apart our values and what we hold dear. So if you like that sort of thing Kasey is your girl, or guy, or guy/girl… whatever … because Kasey is a lesbian. Yes a lesbian, and not just a lesbian, but one of the lesbians in the underground movement that is trying to force the Gay Agenda upon our great nation. I know for a fact that she is a proponent of this Gay Agenda because I saw it delivered to her doorstep by the UPS guy (monitoring these shipments is not only a citizen’s right but his duty under article 45 of the patriot act). The Gay Agenda is an actual document contained in a manila envelop with a rainbow insignia, so be on the look out for this.

A site fit or a dyke: “”

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect about Kasey Loman is the blatant flaunting of her lesbianism in the Web comic Hippie and BullDyke, which is a weekly strip that has provided aid, comfort and safe haven on the world wide web to enemies of our American values for over 3 years. Every week millions of gays, lesbians, and who knows what kind of other liberal-environmental-tree hugging-tofu-eating wackos read this page to get ideas on how to change our great country to be more accepting to the homosexual lifestyle (at least that’s what I think it does, I’ve never read it myself, of course). One need not look any further than the name itself to know this site is for people like hippies … and well … bulldykes! She is also big in France, which should tell you something right there.

This strip makes a mockery of decent, hard-working American patriots, such as Ann Coulter, the Reverend Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas, Condoleza Rice and … yes … even our commander in chief, President George W. Bush. Can you imagine? I cannot. This was brought to my attention by a dear friend of mine, Congressman Mark Foley who has recently undertaken visiting some of these sites for research purposes only. He is a brave man, who has surely seen many horrific scenes that have made him extremely uncomfortable, and I ask that you pray for him.

How it all started, where did it go wrong?

Kasey Loman was born in a good home, to good Christian parents in a nice red state. The best red state, in fact - Texas, home to our president (even though he was actually born in New Hampshire where the Bush families have lived for generations, he is what Christian Texans call a “Converted” Texan fleeing the evils of his yankee ways).

Throughout her childhood and as a teenager she had a healthy interest in art that was not in any way sinful. She pursued many aspects of art including drawing and music, and was quite good. When she could not control the demon urges drawing her to the same sex she used her powers for evil instead of good - drawing vaginas, boobies and other filth. I myself controlled these very same urges with shock therapy as a child and am completely sin-free today.

Her parents made a vital mistake in supporting both her artisticness and her queerness by sending her to a very artsy and very queer art school, the Oklahoma State - Okmulgee, where she received high marks in art and queerness and 2nd place in identity design in that institution’s annual Brass Ring Competition and a piece of paper claiming she actually graduated.

She soon pursued a career in advertising with all the other queers, hippies, and queers. Did I say queers twice? Good! She has worked with all the major players in the growing Northwest Arkansas marketing industry as a graphic designer, creating print ads, websites and other things that make a mockery of consumers. She has been awarded several false idols such as the Golden Buddha in the first annual Art Directors Club Outlet Awards and an Addy or two from the Northwest Arkansas AdFed.

Today she spends her free time writing and drawing the afore-mentioned Web comic and recording man-hating, dirt worshiping lesbian-hippie music. She is highly active in the local chapter of the Art Director’s club. I assume she also spends a great deal of her time having sex with OTHER WOMEN! It sickens me.

Consider yourself warned about this evildoer and take heed! God bless you, unless you’re an evil doer.

Bill O’Limbaugh

Faux News


[Source: Hippie and Bulldyke, Added: 9/8/04]
Inspired by real people, Hippie and Bulldyke relates the adventures of two lesbians as they tackle harrowing political and cultural issues in a satirical fashion. Meet such characters as Earth...

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