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Jade Gordon

Websites: Lean On Me, My Books on Lulu

Bio: I'm a 37 year old artist living in Seattle.

Lean on Me is my webcomic. It is about an unpopular young woman who meets a suspected crossdresser at school and falls in love. Lean on Me has been published on the web since early 2001. This first chapter involves Yun and J.J. meeting, falling in love, and trying to attend school together as a couple, despite the threats of violence around them. After meeting Yuki and Elizabeth, the four start their own social clique, and conspire to attend the prom as each other's dates.

Pour Morir is a one shot comic that I released previews of on my webcomic site, but it is only available as a complete work via This work is roughly about a dying man and the reaper that comes to take him away. It is a strange and slightly incoherent trip through the supernatural, with an overall tone of sadness and fear.

You can also find my art on, and in various places on the web.


Lean on Me, Compilation 1


[Source: Lean on Me, Added: 10/16/05]
Jade Gordon's webcomic is unique in that ALL the characters are LGBT!

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