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Andrew Klaus

Websites: BurntLatexProductions, Andrew Klaus' Blog, ,

Bio: An obsessive-compulsive writer since childhood, Klaus has developed the theological thriller GODLESS with illustrator Taylor Vineyard, and the pair will team up again for the post-modern cynicism of GIRINDA. Klaus has written for magazines and zines alike on feminist and sexual/gender politics, music, pop culture, art and film.

As if not busy enough with comics and his ever-increasing workload as composer/musician SOUHADO and in the francophile art-pop band A IS FOR ACCIDENT, Klaus is currently at work on a collection of autobiographical essays, "Digging To China" and a painting exhibition entitled "L'Enfant Gris."

He has, in addition to print work, directed several short films including the film THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME winner of the 2007 Audience award at the Visuals film festival.

He is set to direct the feature film "Spatial Tension" 2008.

Klaus lives in Portland, Oregon, with his dashingly handsome partner, illustrator and animator Taylor Vineyard.


[News, Posted 10/31/05]
Charles "Zan" Christensen's Superfag Radio podcast posted a new episode over the weekend, catching up with several queer creators who attended the Stumptown Comics Fest at the beginning of October. Zan interviewed Erika Moen, David Kelly, Kris Dresen and newcomers Andrew Klaus and Taylor Vineyard, and asked them about their latest projects. The show's music was provided by Klaus' band Souhado. Listeners can subscribe to Superfag Radio using Apple's iTunes software or listen to shows in MP3…

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