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Prism Comics logoSunday, August 30th, 2015.
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Taylor Vineyard

Website: Burnt Latex

Bio: Taylor Vineyard would die instantly if he could not draw. It's like oxygen to him-or so the legend goes.

The Portland, Oregon based illustrator and animator is the creator of GIRINDA, and the co-creator and artist for GODLESS as well as countless other illustrations over the past decade.

Currently he is doing storyboards for hollywood as well as special effects makeup. The joys of making people look bloody. As well as filling out the remaining pages of GODLESS for its release as a one shot novel.

He lives in Portland, with his partner, the writer and musician Andrew Klaus, three cats, and 2 dogs in a rent-controlled house and is probaby moving soon.


[News, Posted 10/31/05]
Charles "Zan" Christensen's Superfag Radio podcast posted a new episode over the weekend, catching up with several queer creators who attended the Stumptown Comics Fest at the beginning of October. Zan interviewed Erika Moen, David Kelly, Kris Dresen and newcomers Andrew Klaus and Taylor Vineyard, and asked them about their latest projects. The show's music was provided by Klaus' band Souhado. Listeners can subscribe to Superfag Radio using Apple's iTunes software or listen to shows in MP3…

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