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Kevin Kiniry

Website: DC Comics

Bio: Kevin is the Licensing Manager at DC Comics, which basically means he gets to play with toys and criticize Superman and Batman products.

Starting at DC Comics in 2000, Kevin has been happy to be a part of some products and apparel that have a great "gay sensibility." While having no real creative ability of his own, Kevin is more than happy to be a comics supporter and avid reader.


[News, Posted 7/20/06]
Back at the San Diego Comic-Con International for another whirlwind of my favorite creators running in terror from me, of trying to keep at bay the voices I hear whenever I pass by old issues of the Legion of Super-Heroes whispering "take me home", and of trying to win at the contest-in-my-mind of grabbing the most free swag I can. And most of all, hanging out in the eye of the storm--the Prism booth. Ted Abenheim, Patty Jeres and the many volunteers did a fantastic job putting the booth…

[News, Posted 7/25/03]
Comic-Con 2003 in San Diego has come and gone yet again. Relive some of the memories with our Comic-Con 2003 Photo Parade. Click an image to open a larger version in a new window. Unless otherwise specified, all photos taken by Charles "zan" Christensen. Kevin Kiniry and Anton Kawasaki of DC Comics check out Prism Comics 2003: Your LGBT Guide to Comics. Three mutants display Prism Comics buttons. Michael Goodman of The Ciderview Project stopping by the Prism Comics…

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