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Gregory Sanchez

Website: Gay League

Bio: Florida-born, California-raised, and currently hailing from Denver, Colorado, Greg is the creator and writer of the LGBT series of super-hero novels, Rainbow Arc of Fire.

Begun in the late summer of 1994, and first published in fall of 1996, the series now consists of ten novels, the first eight of which are available in print.

In addition to those, two novels are currently published online at the Gay League Web site: Rainbow Arc of Fire: Shattered Dawn and Rainbow Arc of Fire: Olive Branch.

The series merges the real-life experiences of the author and the contemporary locations where those experiences have taken place with several fictional characters and their extraordinary escapades, to provide tales in which the diverse sexuality of those characters becomes the perspective through which they view the world and the world views them.

Relationships, Colorado's Amendment 2, gays in the military, gay marriage, AIDS, prejudice, and many more issues and concerns of LGBT individuals play out in locales as diverse as The Rocky Mountains; The U.S. Air Force Academy; Denver, Colorado; Yellowstone National Park; the Underworld of the Greek God, Hades; Europe; Asia; and, eventually, outer space. These may be super-powered beings, but they are still, and primarily, human beings.

The series has been the author's life's work and absorbing passion. Whether there will be more novels in the series, only time and circumstance will tell.


Rainbow Arc of Fire: A House Divided
Rainbow Arc of Fire: A Mile-High Saga
Rainbow Arc of Fire: Autumn Saga
Rainbow Arc of Fire: Harmony of Spheres
Rainbow Arc of Fire: Slight of Mind
Rainbow Arc of Fire: Souls Within Stone
Rainbow Arc of Fire: Who Has Dominion
Rainbow Arc of Fire: Worlds Beneath Us


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