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Citizen Rahne Alexander

Website: Tranzilla

Bio: Citizen Rahne Alexander is a musician, filmmaker and comic performance artist from Baltimore.

She is a member of Baltimore's revolutionary queer cabaret, the Charm City Kitty Club, and her garage rock band The Degenerettes has been thundering through the basements and bowling alleys of the mid-Atlantic.

Her first video collage Let's Get Out Of Here was awarded the Way Cool Film Geek Jury Prize at the 2006 Microcinefest . Her video collaboration with Kristen Anchor, Pez Porno has screened at film festivals, including Cinekink and Flaming Film Fest. In the summer of 2006, Pez Porno became the #1 Comedy Video on for two weeks, with over 130,000 views.

Apparently bent on becoming the Queen of All Media, Citizen Rahne launched her underground comic zine Tranzilla in 2003. It has run three issues, with a fourth and fifth issue are planned to complete the series. Tranzilla will make her video short debut in 2007.

What are folks saying about Tranzilla!???

"...this amateur comic is definitely one of the most bizarre I've ever gets seriously weird." - Gay Comics List

"Tranzilla may not be the perfect Christmas gift for your Great Aunt Louise. But the appeal of this tale of a tranny who turns into a fire-breathing beast after mad scientists mess with her hormone supply has considerably broader appeal than you’d think." - Xerography Debt



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