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Andrew "Aethan" French


Bio: Andy French's published writing career coincides with his decision to come out. Coincidence? Actually, it's because his first professionally published work was in an anthology of gay erotica, and he wanted to tell his parents that he had been published. That story, "Full Moon Fever", can be found in the anthology Wired Hard from Circlet Press. After this came a number of "anthropomorphic animal" stories, on the internet, via the website he shares with his actually legally married husband (thank you Massachusetts), Steve Domanski.

Andy is the co-creator and scripter of Circles, a gay, anthropomorphic animal, slice-of-life comic, with husband Steve (layouts), and good buddy Scott Fabianek (pencils & inks.). This series is ongoing, and Andy is very pleased with the reception it's receiving. It is his first work in comics.


[Spectrum, Posted 5/4/06]
Thanks to our pals at Instinct magazine, this list of Prism creators and their upcoming projects is also being featured concurrently on Instinct's website and is excerpted in their May entertainment issue, now on sale! Marc Andreyko: The writer of DC Comics’ Manhunter, (which features a gay couple as main characters) introduces a villain this summer to appeal to theatre queens everywhere—Sweeney Todd! Chayne Avery: New Mexico-based Avery and collaborator Russell Garcia…

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