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Prism Comics logoTuesday, October 13th, 2015.
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Tom Wolfe

Websites: ASB MySpace Page, Buy ASB #1 at FurPlanet

Bio: My name is Thomas Wolfe and I am the writer and Illustrator for my comic Anti Social Behaviour. I started work on it a year and a half ago and a few months ago it was published with

I am 22 years old and work as the head of graphic design for an international sports company.

I have been drawing for about three years and Anti-Social Behaviour is my first comic. It aims to deal with gay life and the problems that come with it. It's set in a shelter for young guys and girls (and anything in between) having problems at home or in their life and need somwhere to stay.

Most storylines will involve conflict and feuds, my aim is to make real characters that are flawed and put them in the real world where things tend not to work out for the best. It sounds very gloomy, but it's not that bad!

My offical text for the comic:

"Meet Christian. He's having a tough time at school, his home life's a mess, he doesn't understand his sexuality and he's having to look over his shoulder for the school bullies. Sound a bit familiar? Sounding bit like every other mopy furry comic ever scrawled out on the back of an exercise book? Think again, Anti Social Behavior is a world filled with grey characters in harsh black and white drawings. It's a place where every action has a consequence, every response a logical or irrational reason. Nothing is what it seems, people are ruled by emotion and things never work out how you'd hope. Bit like the real world really!"

I hope you enjoy it!

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