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Prism Comics logoThursday, September 3rd, 2015.
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Kor Watkins


Bio: Kor has been reading comics for as long as he can remember, and has been drawing the super-heroes for just as long. An early obsession with Wonder Woman led to a love of super-heroines. However, Kor has a wide range of interests and tastes, including a love of teen humour comics.

Kor is the writer/artist of the web-strip Super Galaxy Femmes, which he hopes to one day turn into a comic book. His first self-publishing venture looks to be Friends Of Tyler, a book inspired by the various teen humour comics. The cast are all 18 year old college freshmen… and Tyler is not your typical gay character.

Kor is in the process of inking the first issue of his super-hero comic (which features several gay heroes), and putting together a beefcake pin-up book. In addition to this, Kor continues to draw up ACEO Art Cards, and is available for commissions.

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