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Crawford White


Bio: Known throughout Central Florida as simply Crawford, this singularly monikered Pop artist is a dynamic force on the Orlando cultural scene. His boldly graphic, Technicolor acrylic canvases are familiar sites at galleries and events all over the city. With a unique style and a tongue-in-cheek sensibility, the artist both celebrates his subjects with reverence while lampooning the absurdity of their importance in popular culture. His art stands as a testament to his love for Americana, and a gallery showing of his works will likely include painted paeans to lycra-clad super heroes, 'Tween Pop Princesses, corporate symbology, female impersonators, and odes to classic Hollywood and television, all harmoniously sharing the same wallspace.

Recognized as a leader in the local Gay and Lesbian art movement, Crawford is one of the original founders of FloridaQUACK (Queer Art Collective), an organization working to provide exposure and increase awareness of LBGT artists and their work in Central Florida. He is also a frequent collaborator with gay-owned establishments to help organize or participate in Queer themed art events, including the world famous Parliament House and GayDays. Orlando's LBGT residents will recognize his illustrative work from WATERMARK, the region's largest Gay & Lesbian publication, whose readers have twice voted him as "Favorite Local Artist." His recent installation NUDE NITE TOONTOWN was the most talked about piece of the recent Nude Nite, a local event showcasing the works of 200 international artists.

Currently, Crawford acts as the originator, organizer, and "Host" of CANVAS & COCKTAILS, a monthly event that combines an art gallery aesthetic with the buzz of Happy Hour to promote up-and-coming artists from the Central Florida area. In his spare time, he is actively writing and illustrating both a web comic and a mini graphic novel, with the hopes that both will see publication in 2006.

Crawford lives and works out of his home in the Downtown area of The City Beautiful with Doug, his partner of nine years, and way too many cats.

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