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shane patrick boyle

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Bio: shane patrick boyle (better known as “shane”) is a writer, artist, cartoonist, publisher, editor, journalist, event organizer and eternal student living in Houston's east end.

shane started his first zine, Astrozine while in high school. Since then, he has created, published or contributed to over two dozen zines with various themes.

During his college years, he founded the Writers And Artists Group At the University of Houston (WAAGAUH!), brought Allen Ginsberg to campus, wrote a newspaper column with a "queer anarchist" perspective, spent a lot of time homeless and eventually dropped out, but didn't stop writing.

Later he returned to his first love (comics) when he published and edited a comics anthology magazine called Shorts. The first issue was printed on newsprint with a glossy color cover and distributed by Diamond. The second and final (so far) issue was photocopied with a hand-colored cover and sold locally.

He began drawing in 2003 as a response to writer's block and has kept his hand moving since then. Since then he has been publishing an occasional minicomic/ zine called shane. Each issue in this ecclectic series has a different theme and style. One of the gayer issues of this series of this series is issue 6, a sketchbook comic titled Scenes from Gay Bars.

A one page strip of his appears in Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson's book, Whatcha Mean? What's a Zine? His character, Walking Man, has also appeared in advertisements for Walk-On Houston (a non-profit group dedicated to encouraging normally car-dependent Houstonians to walk more and drive less).

His main talent, however, is organizing projects and events (often with little or no budget) that bring creative people together.

In 2004, shane founded the Houston Comix and Zine Festival which led to his being named as one of Outsmart Magazine's people to watch in 2005. The event, now known as Zine Fest Houston, is still going strong and continues to grow. shane recently stepped down as coordinator, but continues to be involved on the comittee.

In 2012, he created H-Town Minicon, a micro mashup of a music show, zine gathering, and comic book swap meet, described"a event where the artsy fartsy and nerdy birdy mix dangerously." The Minicon was planned as a one-shot, but may become a regular event.

shane returned to college in 2010 to finish his degree with a major in creative writing and minor in GLBT studies and is planning to go to grad school someday.

One of his recent honors was the opportunity to be included in Ted Closson's Nighthawks at the Last Supper, a miniature comic book convention held at DiverseWorks Artspace as Closson's MFA thesis.

Currently, he is working on a some top secret projects that may take a while to finish (one non fiction book on a comics related topic, one graphic novel, and several prose fiction works) but will continue to produce zines, minicomics and fill up sketchbooks as the inspiration strikes.

He is also looking for some kind of paying work if anyone has any leads.


Whatcha Mean? What's a Zine?


[Source: Out Smart, Added: 5/3/09]
This month we found four comics creators, all gay, all Texas residents, and talked to them about their work. The range in work covers, yes, superheroes, but also slice-of-life stories, dark fantasy,...

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