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Steve Mindykowski

Website: The Mundane Circus and The Pretty Gladiator

Bio: Steve Mindykowski is a heterosexual man who has a wide-open mind. And it is with this mind that he created his first web comic series, The Mundane Circus—a webstrip about a 25-year old Quebecois lesbian named Rafi and her trials and tribulations in life.

Rafi is part of a polyamory that includes two lesbian mothers (one Quebecois, one Japanese-Quebecois), a Puerto-Rican father, and three sisters. And she lives with four guardian angels—all lesbians, except for one, who's actually a transgendered MTF soul, who left Rafi when she committed suicide. She's also engaged with TWO other women: one is blind, the other's a transgendered MTF woman.

The Mundane Circus isn't your ordinary lesbian strip. For its creator, it's been anything but ordinary—he created the Circus around Christmas 2004, out of a subconscious dream. And from that point, he started drawing—something he had never done for pleasure since elementary school. As a result, the Circus is not only a webstrip—it's a working laboratory to see what works and what doesn't work.

In addition to his strip, Steve is also working on his first semi-graphic novel, The Pretty Gladiator, about one of Rafi's guardian angels who made it big in the 1960s art scene until terminal breast cancer forced her out of the mortal coil. Steve hopes that The Pretty Gladiator will be published by a major or semi-major publisher soon. According to his therapist, a few friends (including four writers, two also cartoonists) and someone who works in the industry, it looks like the Gladiator is shaping up to be the next literary hit.

Steve's previous "15 minutes of fame" came from his Rugrats website, which peaked in popularity in 2001, when that TV show celebrated its 10th anniversary.

But Steve feels that The Mundane Circus is his greatest achievement yet. And, as Johnny Carson would say, there's "More To Come".


[Spectrum, Posted 5/4/06]
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