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Jennie Bricker


Bio: Jennie Bricker had a brief stint in comics as an assistant editor, editor and in the legal department for Dark Horse, from 1992-1997, editing such books as the award-winning Cheval Noir, and much of the Comics Greatest World line. After a legal secretary at Dark Horse was fired after e-mailing information to employees about a Gay Pride celebration, Jennie responded to what she felt was a firing based on homophobia. She gave two weeks notice to quit in protest over the decision, and made her reasons public in a company-wide e-mail. The day she gave her two-week notice, she was fired on the spot. Jennie is now a lawyer, practicing natural resources law in Portland, Oregon for a large firm that offers domestic partner insurance benefits and a supportive work environment. She is also the proud parent of a young boy named Kilian, with Robin, her partner of 13 years. Jennie is elated to report that since the 1999 "OHSU vs. Tanner" court decision, it is now illegal in Oregon to discriminate in the workplace based on sexual orientation, even in Milwaukee, OR, where Dark Horse is based.

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