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Frank Pittarese


Bio: Frank Pittarese has been in the comics industry since 1989, when he was hired at DC as Joe Orlando's assistant. Through the years, he worked his way up the ranks, working as an Assistant Editor on many titles, including Teen Titans and L.E.G.I.O.N. He was the Associate Editor on the Superman titles around the time Supes was coming back from the dead, and was promoted to full editor soon after, launching the ongoing series Superboy and Steel. Frank also developed Young Heroes in Love, with writer Dan Raspler, before leaving DC.

At Marvel, Frank inherited a number of X-Men spinoffs, taking on the editorial duties of Generation X, Excalibur, What If, and X-Factor (which later morphed into Mutant X).

Today, Frank works as a freelance editor and writer for Nickelodeon Magazine. He's edited and written articles, activities, and comics featuring almost all of their characters, from Rugrats to SpongeBob Squarepants.

He also writes an advice column at, as well as comics reviews (and American Idol recaps).

Frank lives in Brooklyn, NY with his partner, Chris.

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