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Prism Comics logoSunday, October 4th, 2015.
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Max Boorks


Bio: Max Boorks used to be known as Max Brooks, but there was a better, more popular Max Brooks, so he altered the letters a bit and started life anew as a more interesting, more dynamic Max Boorks.

Max is a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a tender, flaky crust. This oddball creature from Olympia, Washington, has been doodling up his obscure little minicomics for a few years now, starting with the woefully underachieving "Revelations Jr.", the painfully unpopular "House of Usher" and the upcoming, probably just as bad, "The Straight and the Narrow," written by Bill Wrigley, which promises to do for Marxist supervillains what "The Incredibles" did for fascist, right wing superheroes.

Max enjoys playing video games, drinking tea, annoying people, and patterning his existence off Edward Gorey's. He holds a "negligible" degree in Graphic Design from Central Washington University, and maintains that his sexuality is, also, "negligible".

He also promises, PROMISES, that eventually he'll have a website. When the time is right. What fuels this hard-inking dynamo? "Anything dark, macabre and downright silly. Melodrama and camp works, too."

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