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Brent Calderwood

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Bio: Brent Calderwood is a Pushcart-nominated writer and editor. His essays and reviews have appeared in the Chicago-Sun Times,, the Durham-Chapel Hill Herald, the Hartford Courant, and elsewhere. He is Literary Editor for A&U Magazine and Associate Editor for Assaracus and

Although primarily known for his writing, his two-page cartoon "Memoirs from a Closet," commissioned by Pacific News Service/New America Media in 1993 and first published in the Oakland Tribune and the San Francisco Independent, received accolades from GLAAD and is still used as an educational tool in classrooms 20 years later.

Calderwood's illustrations have also appeared in the San Francisco Examiner and the anthology Through Our Eyes. His writing, illustration, and music are featured in the 2009 film The Butch Factor.


[Source: Lambda Literary, Added: 9/1/11]
Lambda sat down with Hall to discuss his love of comic books, the straight and queer cartoonist communities, and his thoughts on broadening LGBT content for larger audiences.

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