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Brent Erwin


Bio: At age 37, Brent Erwin is already a 18-year veteran of the Comics Industry, having opened his first Comic Shop in Waco, Texas at age 19. Brent went on to become a Sales Representative for Diamond Comics Distributors, working with Acclaim Comics in New York City. Leaving Diamond Comics Distributors Brent became a Marketing Coordinator for the Direct Market working for Fabian Nicieza at Acclaim Comics.

Brent currently works for Wizard Entertainment, Publisher of the leading comics industry magazine Wizard the Comics Magazine, as Senior Advertising Account Manager.

In 2003 Brent along with two business partners founded Ape Entertainment a publishing company devoted to the production of high-quality original graphic novels, comic books, and illustrated fiction. Ape Entertainment is the home to such popular titles as Go-Go Gorilla and the Jungle Crew, Sullengrey, Point Pleaseant, and Horrorwood.

These days Brent is hard at work on his creator-owned super heroic mini-series Progeny, a no holds barred un-apologetic super hero comic harkening back to the days when comics where actually fun and interesting.

Brent has a love for comics and a passion for small press and independent comics, and is happiest selling advertising and making knuckle-busting, two-fisted action-adventure comics.

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