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Creator Profiles

Brian Douglas Ahern
Theo Bain
Mark Brill
David Paul Brown
Katherine Collins
Chuck Conner
Jordan-Mykal Cross
Dave Davenport
Michael DiMotta
J.A. Fludd
Joveth Gonzalez
Michael Goodman
Adam Gragg
Glen Hanson
David Hooper
Jeff Jacklin
Andrew Klaus
Roger Klorese
Chaturon Konghin
Steve Korte
Kellie Lynch
Chaos McKenzie
Desmond Miller
Richard Neal
Michael Phillips
Mikhaela Reid
José Villarrubia
Taylor Vineyard
Kate Worley

Feature Articles

"Be Good for Goodness' Sake"
"Cavalcade of Boys" Collected in Series of Digests
"Flash Gordon" on DVD
"Hard Heroes 2" Event Set for May 15th
"Harry and Dickless Tom" Now Available
"In A Beauteous Dress"
"Living the Life—The Graphic Novel" Re-released
"Man Enough"
"Not Your Daddy's Gay Porn"
"Psycho Path"
"Scarab--The Man Who Would Destroy"
"She-Ra: Princess Of Power" Makes DVD Debut This Summer
"The Devil's Panties" Signs With Silent Devil
"The Legend of Prince Valiant" on DVD in July
"The Pornomicon"
10th Muse Flies Off The Shelves
13-Year-Old Comic Book Writer Unveils VIOLET ROSE
2005 Eisner Nominations Announced
80s Animation Classic “He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe” Set For Summer 2005 Release
A Different Light to Host Book Release Party for Long Beach Comics Artist
Coley Creator Passes Away
Desert Peach in Full Color!
Fairies Tell Arrives from Carabosse
Prism Comics 2006 Presale Book Artwork Unveiled, Shipping Tuesday
A No-Holds Barred Chat with Terrance Griep
Act Now to Win... Phil Jimenez and Judd Winick?
Alias Announces November Line-up
Alias Enterprises Signs "The Legend Of Isis"
Alias Line-Up Promises A Happy New Year
Alias Signs Exclusive With Diamond
All Things Queer At San Diego Comic-Con 2015
Am I Blue?
Amazing Fantasy #15 Showcases Ten Terrific Talent
An Outing with Marc Andreyko
Angel Gate Sends Superheroes Back to School
APE Queer Cartoonists Panel 3!
Ariel Schrag appears at Jim Hanley's on April 19
At Comic-Con 2012, Prism Comics Celebrates the Release of No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, Northstar's Wedding, Alison Bechdel's New Graphic Novel, and 25 Years of "Gays In Comics"!
Atlanta’s Southern Voice Profiles Megan Gedris of YU+ME
“Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas!”?
“The Legion of Super-Monsters”
Barr, Grayson Nominated for Lulu Awards
Bechdel in San Francisco June 13
Blue Water Announces Sell-outs Across The Board
Blue Water Heroes Embark Upon An Odyssey
Blue Water Productions Announce Nine New Titles for 2005-06
Blue Water Productions June Preview Books
Blue Water Sells-Out As New Artist Joins 'Isis'
Blue Water signs comic and film deals on "Victoria's Secret Service"
Blue Water wins Creative Child Awards' Book of the Year
Braddock to be "Project Manga" Judge
Call for Bio Updates
Call For Submissions! Queer Press Grant Deadline is October 1, 2009!
Cartoonist Brings Trojan War to Life
CCI 2007 "Gays in Comics Panel" — Part II
Celebrity Model Promotes Comic Shop Locator
Class Comics' New Books Feature French Artist Logan
Class Comics, Home of Patrick Fillion, Now Distributed Through Diamond
Clive Barker to appear at DEMONICSEX signing
Comic-Con’s Spotlight Panel on Howard Cruse!
Coming Out in Comics
Crass Commercialism (Finally!) from Ethan Green
CSI Investigates Murder at the Comic Con!
Don’t Be Fooled—Full Fat Content Lies Within
Donna Barr's Recommended Top Ten Comics for LGBT Readers
Emerald City ComiCon Celebrates its 4th Year
Exclusive Blue Water previews available at SDCC!
Family Ties
François Peneaud's Recommended Top Ten Comics for LGBT Readers
Galacton 2230 Reprinted Online
Gay Comic Strip Nominated for Lambda Literary Award
Gaylaxicon Less than a Month Away
Gellman to be Guest at DC Comic-Con
Get Delirious at Wizard World
GLAAD picks, Prism predicts
Hard Heroes: A-Rousing Succcess
Heinberg, Vaughan, Grayson and Waid Featured at West Hollywood Book Fair
IDW Sells Out! Launches Online Community for Gay Geeks
Image and Runemaster Announce New Contest
Image Comics And Dynamic Forces Present Hellshock: The Definitive Edition
Interview With Sean McGrath
Isis Busted At Proto-Hype Studios
Jerry Robinson to appear on “The Giant Size Comic Book Show”
Join Lucky Legendary on Dec. 15 at Fubar in LA for Launch of New Website!
José Villarrubia's Recommended Top Ten Comics for LGBT Readers
Judo Girl Flies Solo Again In April
Juicy Mother Book Tour Hits NYC
Just For Kicks: Judo Girl Returns!
Leanne Franson's Recommended Top Ten Comics for LGBT Readers
Look, on the Radio! It's Superfag!
Lynx’s Pinup Boys from Carabosse Comics
McKenney and Geary to Display Work
Michael Troy Is Going Gaga! for Everyone's Favorite Fame Monster with an Exclusive Pre-Sale Through Prism Comics!
Michael Troy Signing Going Gaga! at Prism Comics Booth at Comic-Con this Friday and Saturday!
Moore Excitement on Tenth Muse
More Gay Cowboys?
My Saturday Comic-Con Report: "We" Won Eisner Awards!
Navarre’s BCI Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement Regarding Entertainment Rights’ He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe TV Series
NDR Offers Original Art For Sale
New Giant-Size Comic Book Show Season to Debut
New PKA Series in Prism WebComics
New Prism Guide Hits Comic Book Stores Wednesday, June 6!
Ninja #1
NYC Enjoys Its Sticky Pages
Pam Harrison Interviews Co-Recipients of the 2010 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant
Paramount and Angel Gate Unite For Legend Of Isis
Party With Prism 3x In San Diego!
Patrick Fillion's Recommended Top Ten Comics for LGBT Readers
Phil Jimenez of Infinite Crisis Profiled on In The Life
Planet Bronx Productions Hosts Sticky Pages 3: Oso Oro
Power Company
Prism Attends “Sticky Pages 3: Oso Oro” Hosted by Ivan Velez, Jr.
Prism Comics 2006 Available in Special Presale Offer
Prism Comics 2006 Guide Hits Stores
Prism Comics Adds Board Members
Prism Comics Announces Further San Diego Plans
Prism Comics Celebrates 10 Years of Championing LGBT Creators, Comics and Readers at San Diego Comic-Con 2013! Panels, 10th Anniversary Reception, Heroes Vs. Villains Dance Party, and More!
Prism Comics Debuts in San Diego
Prism Comics Expands Presence at Emerald City ComiCon
Prism Comics Increases Grant Award
Prism Comics is Coming to Seattle!
PRISM COMICS Joins in the Celebration
Prism Comics Looks Seriously Beyond "Queer Eye"
Prism Comics Partners with Gay Games
Prism Comics Seeking Editor and Designer for Upcoming 2006 Prism Guide to LGBT Comics
Prism Comics Seeking Submissions for 2010 Queer Press Grant!
Prism Comics Seeks Donors
Prism Comics Shows its Colors at Comic-Con 2003
Prism Comics Unleashes Its Gay Agenda on Comic-Con 2006!
Prism Comics Wants You! (Yes, We Recruit!)
Prism Comics' 2007 Guide Most Ambitious Ever
Prism Creators Featured in Time Out Chicago & Variety
Prism Creators to Watch This Summer
Prism Reveals THE GAY AGENDA for Comic-Con 2010! Howard Cruse, Panels, Superhero Party, More Booth Space and More LGBT Creators than Ever
Prism Storms San Diego Comic-Con 2006!
Prism's Comic-Con Creator Signing Schedule
Queer Cartoonists Speak Out at APE
Queer Comics Reading on YouTube
Queer Geek Report from NY Comic-Con!
Queer Press Grant Established
QueerGeekBlog - Comic-Con Friday!
QueerGeekBlog - Comic-Con Preview Night!
RD Mauzy's New Single Features Exclusive Art by Justin Hall, Jon Macy, Sina Shamsavari, and Brian Andersen!
Rena Mero Covers The 10th Muse: Book of Lights
RIP Maddie Blaustein
Second Kree-Skrull War Erupts in Young Avengers
Sick and Tired: How DC Diseases Made Me Feel A Little Better Today
Silent Night, Sexy Night
Sneak Peek: Victoria's Secret Service #0
Southern Island Toys Sign Victoria's Secret Service
STAPLE! Expo This Weekend in Austin
Steelgrip Starkey
Steve Macisaac Awarded Queer Press Grant
Stormboy & Jay at Pop Image
Superfag in the Pacific Northwest
Superfag in the Windy City!
Superfag Radio Gone Wild!
Take a Cruse with the last Young Bottoms in Love
Tenth Muse, Isis, And Others Coming To Shocker Toys
Terrance Griep’s “Danger Drive", Featuring The Question and The Riddler, in BATMAN 80-PAGE GIANT 2011 #1--Out Today!
The Dark Knight Strikes Again #1
The FF’s souls are on the line in Marvel Knights 4 #25
The Fur's Still Flyin': The Camili-Cat 20th Anniversary Special
The Hammer Falls at Alias
The Incredibly Hung Naked Justice #1
The Tenth Muse Returns with an All-New Celebrity Model
The World According to Jane: How Juggling Form And Content Led Paige Braddock Down The Winding Road To Success
Tim Fish's Recommended Top Ten Comics for LGBT Readers
Traci Bingham Has Blackbeard Covered
Victoria's (not so) Secret Service
Visit Whatever... for Queer Comics During Castro Street Fair Oct. 7th!
Watch the Comic-Con panel "Emerging LGBT Voices" Now Up On YouTube!
When Horror Intrudes – Part 2
Wonder Woman Day II Raises over $27,000 for Charities
Wonder Woman Day III - October 26, 2008 - A Sensational Success! Charity Event Raises over $26,000!
Young Avengers Special #1
Zodiac Comics Debuts Updated Website

External Features

Abby Denson, SCARCE At Angoulême
Alumni Profiles: Michael Lovitz
‘Kate or Die’ and ‘Gooch’ – Bisexual Comics Fight LGBT Stereotypes
bmore Profiles Jose Villarrubia!
Comic-Con 2010: Spotlight on Howard Cruse (video)
Gay Parties in New York Attract the Superhero Crowd
Joe Quesada Discusses Rob Leifeld's Negative Reaction to Shatterstar "Outing"
Mark Millar: Comic book writers don't kill off gay superheroes, supervillains do
No More Mutants by Andrew Wheeler #4 – Look To The Northstar
Profile: Mark Brill
To Fight Injustice and Serve All Mankind: Prism Comics
Top Ten Comics To Watch in 2012

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